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No pleasing some

Sadly the Winx knockers are at it again, suggesting that the great mare needs to pursue the Holy Grail of being competitive overseas to prove her stature as a champion.
Renowned turf journalist Brendan Cormick wrote in last Saturday’s Weekend Australian that people knocking Winx are over her and want her beaten. How sad and what an indictment on racing generally that insiders think that way.
Peter Moody said some time ago that Winx does not have to prove a thing because she is the best and if they want to beat her, come here.
The implication is that the horses she are beating are second rate.
How unfair. Try telling that to the connections of Happy Clapper and others that she has left in her wake.
Doubters of this mighty horse would do well to watch replays of last Saturday’s Turnbull Stakes. If Winx’s greatness needed to be franked (and it didn’t), it was franked in that race. 
It seemed impossible for her to catch Youngstar but she found a way. 
If that win doesn’t satisfy the doubters, nothing will. It was the win of a world-class thoroughbred.

Michael O'Connor
Narangba (Qld)
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